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Healthy Hair | | @lisahomsy
Healthy Hair | | @lisahomsy
Healthy Hair | | @lisahomsy

Ok guys, today I want to talk about hair and more importantly, hair care! I am really excited today to be partnering with Pantene to talk about the launch of their latest collection Rose Water. Most of my life I’ve been pretty carefree about taking care of my hair using whatever products (I can hear my hairdresser yelling at me haha). But over the years I’ve seen the importance and visible results of giving your hair a little more TLC!

You guys know I’m always careful with sharing any products with you and I always make sure to test them out for a few weeks beforehand so I can give you guys my honest review. And honestly, this stuff my hair feel alive! I’ve always had really tangled hair (it’s a constant struggle). To be perfectly honest with you guys I was a little skeptical about Rose Water. I haven’t had the best results with it in skincare and rose isn’t my favorite scent. But the first day I used the shampoo and conditioner I was running my hands through my hair all day! I couldn’t believe how great it felt, my hair felt so smooth and soft. Plus, it smells amazing!

This winter season has really taken a toll on my hair. Just the other day I was saying how my hair doesn’t have my signature curls and bounce anymore. I always tried to shop for sulfate-free shampoo because I thought it wouldn’t dry out my hair as much, not realizing that it still wasn’t enough. Then Pantene explained to me that sulfate-free alone doesn’t provide the nutrients hair needs to hold onto the moisture. Pantene found the solution in Rose Water. It’s rich in vitamin B3 and B5 and added nutrients and antioxidants to create the new collection.

Of all the things you have to worry about in a day, the ingredients in your hair products shouldn’t be one of them. If you decide to give the new collection a try, please let me know what you think! I’d love to hear what you think!

Here’s to healthy beautiful hair!

xx Lisa

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