I asked you guys on Instagram what do you want to know about me that I haven’t told you already, these are some of the questions you asked me!

Where’s my unique look from? What’s my background?

I am half Italian and half Egyptian. My mom is Italian and born in Montreal and my dad was born in Cairo, Egypt.

How many languages do you speak? 

I speak 2 languages fluently, English and French and I speak a little bit of Italian.

What did you study in school? 

I studied in Fashion Marketing at LaSalle College in Montreal.

What kind of jobs or what industry did you work in before Instagram? 

Ever since I was a little kid I loved fashion so naturally I would wind up working in the industry. I worked in several different positions including retail sales, visual merchandising, Assistant Buyer and Wholesale Account Manager.

What’s my favourite thing about traveling? 

I love connecting and meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Another important reason why I love traveling so much is the food! I love trying new cuisines and getting inspiration to bring home to my kitchen.

What’s my favourite country?

That’s so hard to choose because I have left pieces of my heart all over the globe! But I have to say as a continent Asia wins my heart. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia have left lasting impressions on me and there are still so many other countries to explore!

When did I start traveling?

My first trip was with was to Europe in 2011 with an ex boyfriend. We visited 6 counties in 4 weeks. That’s when I caught the travel bug and I haven’t been able to slow down since.

2012 – I traveled solo to Nice and then up to Paris and finishing in England for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

2013 – Visited Namibia, Africa as a family trip for 2 weeks of epic safari adventures!

2014 – I bought a 1 way ticket to Bangkok to explore South East Asia. It was suppose to be a 6 week trip but I loved it so much I returned 3 months later after exploring Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam in 2014 and continuing on into 2015..

2015 –  My solo backpacking trip around Asia continued into the new year, celebrating Christmas and New Years in Thailand and moving on to Indonesia, Dubai and England before heading home. A few months later I decided to take a 2 week solo trip to Costa Rica.

2016 – I visited Bali in May with 2 friends and then traveled to Hawaii solo.

2017 – this year has started off with trips to Bali, Dominican Republic, Florida Keys, Thailand, Mallorca and Morroco!

What’s the first thing I do when I arrive to a hotel?

Unpack! I love hanging up all my clothes and folding my stuff into drawers, yes slightly OCD I know.

How do you stay healthy while traveling?

Although it can be challenging I try as much as possible to stick to a similar food pattern as I do at home. And I always pack my workout gear!

What was the first place I went to overseas?

Cuba in 2007 – I was 18 and we were 7 friends!

What’s my ideal date?

A date filled with fun and adventure! Take me to a Waterpark or a Theme Park.. somewhere we can both loosen up and have a good time together. So much less pressure than getting together for drinks.

My favourite song that can take me out of any mood?

It will forever be Keith Urban – You look good in my shirt (Live version)

Barefoot over shoes?

You will always find me barefoot as much as possible.

Window or isle seat?

I always go for the window seat. I love having a view from the clouds and I am the best window seat passenger anyone could ask for. I don’t get up to go to move around and I rarely get up to go to the bathroom.

Celebrity you’d love to befriend?

Taylor Swift! She’s just so cool!

What 1 goal for the future? 

I want to be able to say I’ve seen the world and one day line the walls of my home with photos and memories I’ve collected from my travels.

Any bad accidents while traveling?

Thankfully not! I have never broken a bone in my body!

What’s your party trick? 

I was a pole fitness instructor and I am the 2014 Quebec Pole Fitness Champion! I started pole dancing over 7 years ago and within weeks I saw the huge change it make to my body and I was hooked. I started teaching just a few months later.