10 Girlboss Hacks for a More Productive Morning Routine

Relaxing in a hotel in Paris with a balcony

It’s funny how 3 years ago when I took the plunge to pursue a nomadic lifestyle and started to travel full time, it was to escape any signs of normalcy or routine. Yet nowadays my routine is what I look forward to.

Whether I’m on the road or at home, my routine gives me the stability I need to get through my day. I’ve learned that having a productive morning routine helps me get more done all day.

This year has really forced me to slow down to focus on my health and personal well-being. After a few visits to foreign doctors (and hospitals), and ending the year with breaking my ankle, I’ve realized that I cannot do my job if I am not 100% myself.

At home or on the road, I try to keep it as close to my regular morning routine as possible. I know that is easier said than done when living out of a hotel or out exploring a new part of the world, but it really helps set me up for the day. When I’m at home though, it is much easier to stick to a routine.

Lisa Homsy in a hotel in Bali in the morning
Starting my morning routine in Ubud, Bali

10 Morning Hacks to Increase Productivity

If you struggle with a productive morning routine, these are the 10 things I do each day to be more productive. While sometimes things get in the way, I always find my day goes best when I start off with these morning hacks.

Wake Up

The key for me is to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. I like to wake up around 7 or 8 a.m. and usually lay in bed for an additional 30 mins just responding to direct messages on Instagram. I know, I know. Checking my phone first thing in the morning is probably the worst thing I can do.

Hey, I never said I was perfect!

I’m working on going to bed earlier and starting my days at 6am like I used to before I broke my ankle, but right now I finding myself most productive at night, so I’m usually up pretty late.

Woman waking up in a hotel in Vancouver, Canada
Waking up in Vancouver
Woman in bed looking out over Sydney Harbor from Sangri-La Sydney
Waking up in Sydney
Woman waking up on a riverboat cruise in Amsterdam
Waking up in Amsterdam

Hydrate + Take Vitamins

I always start my morning with a glass of water or hot water with lemon. On a good day, I drink a liter of water before 10 a.m. It’s a lot easier said than done, but I used to be horrible at drinking water. This year one of my goals is to drink 2 L/ day, so if I can bang one out first thing in the morning, it makes drinking the second one throughout the day less daunting.

This is my favorite water bottle, I’m actually obsessed with it because it holds me accountable to my goal of drinking 2 liters a day! Best purchase I’ve ever made!

The one thing that never waivers is taking my vitamins. Over the past few months, since breaking my ankle, I’ve learned how essential vitamins are to my everyday routine.

Since cutting out dairy 9 years ago and meat 3 years ago, I’ve noticed that I often have trouble focusing and I am deficient in more than just B12. My daily vitamins now include a multivitamin, a probiotic, a calcium supplement and an iron supplement.

These vitamins are essential to help support energy levels. They are perfect for my body since it is always trying to figure out what time zone it should be in.

Taking my Alive vitamins to get my productive morning routine started

Self-Care Routine

As you can imagine, traveling takes a huge toll on my skin. Last year I was gone nearly half the year. Because of that, I’ve been loving testing new clean products/brands and really focusing on self-care for my skin.

My skincare routine has now become my favorite part of my day! The process is extensive but my skin has never looked better! Below I’ve linked my favorite products from my skincare routine:

But self-care doesn’t just mean skincare. It can be a good book, a glass of wine, journaling, face mask or even painting your nails! Whatever it is that makes you feel good, do you boo!

Lisa Homsy in the spa at a hotel in Marrakech Morocco
Spa day in Marrakech, Morocco
Lisa Homsy in a fruit bath in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, DR
Woman in the spa at a hotel in Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech, Morocco

Sweat Once a Day

If you tune into my Instagram stories you know that when I’m home, I love sweating at F45, weight training or stretching it out in Yoga. I love working out first thing in the morning, and I’m usually at a class by 8:30 a.m. However, if I’m traveling, I’m not always able to get to the gym or a class.  

If I can’t make time for a full workout, I make sure to keep active in other ways. That could be using the hotel gym, stretching in the hotel room, walking everywhere, etc.

Fun fact about me: I never leave on a trip without a tension band. That way if the hotel has no gym, there are so many different exercises I can still do in my room with a single band!

This is the one I use, it’s amazing and really helps burn the booty!

Lisa Homsy showing off her pole fitness skills. Working out is a key part of a productive morning routine whether it is in a gym or using what you have
Getting in a workout with my brother @mhomsy

Listen to a Podcast

On the days I’m home, after my workout, it’s Nala’s turn! I love taking my pup to the forest. She can run free while I finish off my workout with some low cardio walking.

If I’m on the go, I love tuning in while I do my makeup and get ready. I’ll usually listen and reflect on the topic. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing first thing in the morning.

Woman in a robe laying on the ground listening to records at a hotel

Some of my favorite podcasts include:

If you want to talk business or personal development, check out:

If you want to laugh check out:

And if you’re in the mood for something juicy check out:

  • Dirty John by the L.A. Times (I know it’s available on Netflix now but the podcast is so much better than the series!)
Lisa Homsy on a hotel balcony in Paris France

Coffee time + Prioritize emails

Time to turn on the coffee machine! I’m not someone who is dependent on coffee to function, but I often go through coffee and tea phases. Lately, it’s coffee, especially after Australia!

Recently I’ve been obsessed with making almond milk lattes with my homemade milk! I got an Almond Cow, and it was the best purchase ever! I can make any kind of nut milk fresh daily, and it only takes a minute to make. The best part is that it’s completely zero waste. I’ll then use the pulp for baking or granola.

Morning coffee in Tulum, Mexico
Morning coffee in Tulum
Morning coffee by the pool in Australia
Morning coffee in Australia

My favorite so far has been vanilla almond milk, but I’ve loved discovering new nut milks! I’ve loved it so much the brand even gave me a discount code for you! Using LISA at checkout gives you $15 off your purchase!

As I sip on my first coffee of the day, I’ll start sorting through my emails and responding. I try to label and prioritize my inbox before responding. It just helps me decide what needs to be taken care of first.

Morning coffee in Australia
Enjoying my morning coffee in Australia
Coffee in Oahu, Hawaii
Coffee in Hawaii
Cappuccino in Los Angeles, California
Coffee in LA
Morning coffee in Fiji
Coffee in Fiji

Food is Fuel


As I like to do intermittent fasting and I don’t eat before working out, I’ll usually eat breakfast around 11:30-12 p.m. Breakfast is typically avocado toast with tofu scramble, a breakfast salad or oats packed with seeds, granola and fresh fruit.

Just to clarify here because I always get questions about my diet, I’m not fully vegan! I still eat eggs and seafood, but I like to follow a plant-based lifestyle as much as possible. I’ll often opt for the vegan option whenever possible.

Breakfast on a balcony in Hawaii
Breakfast in Hawaii
Breakfast in the pool in Thailand
Breakfast in Thailand
Breakfast on a balcony in Paris, France
Breakfast in Paris

Part of me living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy. It’s one of the things I really do for myself. I thrive when I can cook for others and experimenting in the kitchen.

When you’re working from home, cooking three meals really starts to eat into your day. I’ve found the best way for me to get the most of my day is cooking a simple breakfast, snacking throughout the day, having a light lunch and then cooking a healthy dinner.

Meal prep is really your best friend here. I’ll usually keep leftovers in the fridge for lunch so I don’t need to interrupt my work flow to cook.

Breakfast in Chiang Mai
Breakfast in Thailand
Breakfast in Oahu, Hawaii on a balcony
Breakfast in Hawaii
Breakfast at a cute cafe in Montreal, Canada
Breakfast in Montreal

Curious to know more about what I eat or my fav recipes? Let me know in the comments below – I’m happy to share more if it’s something you’re interested in!

If you’re lacking inspiration, check out some of my favorites here:

Define your “BIG 3”

Writing out my to-do list really helps me focus on what I need to get done (duh)! I personally like writing out my list for the next day the night before. I’ll sit down and look at my list from today, see what I accomplished and what needs to be rolled over to the next day.

The “BIG 3” is a concept I learned from Jenna Kutcher and have since adopted into my own daily routine. Basically, your Big 3 are your top tasks that are the biggest needle movers for your business and will have the most impact on your growth.

At a cute cafe in Australia
A cute cafe in Australia

The other thing I recently adopted that has really helped is The Pomodoro Method. It’s a time management technique that uses a timer to break down your work into intervals. 25 minutes focusing on your task until time’s up, then take a 5-minute break.

I’m personally someone who’s mind has a million tabs open at once. Defining my most important tasks for the day + using The Pomodoro Method has really helped me stay focused on one task at a time rather than deviating to other things on the to-do list.

Grabbing breakfast in a cute cafe in Montreal, Canada
Grabbing breakfast in Montreal

Minimize Your Space & Declutter Regularly

Personally, this is something I’m working on at the moment. There is no better feeling than a clean workspace! Am I right??

I’m in major organization mode, so follow my lead here and organize your shit! Go through your files and get rid of any unnecessary documents. Tidy up your desk, rearrange and reorganize.

Now, it’s time for the fun part – let’s redecorate!

Morning in my hotel room in Bali
Starting my day in Bali

If you have an at-home office, you can burn candles or use an essential oil diffuser. My desk always has a candle burning – it helps me relax and get into the right headspace. The goal is to create a positive workspace that inspires you to create no matter what your job is.

Now if you work in an office cubicle, don’t fret! Your space may be limited, but there are still some little tweaks you can make to spruce up your work area. When I worked in an office, I always had a diffuser or just some essential oils to rub on my skin.

It’s been said that plants have a very calming effect on humans. Especially if you’re in an office, try to surround yourself with nature by adding a small plant in the corner.

Breakfast overlooking the water in Puerto Rico
Breakfast by the beach in Puerto Rico

Leave Room for Downtime

I’ve learned that it’s really important to leave time to unwind at the end of the day, especially if you’re in a relationship. Pick a time where you shut off and stick to it. Usually, it’s about 8 pm for me. That means I shut down my computer, turn over my phone and usually settle in on the couch for a little TV or family time.

When I finally get to bed, I like to try and always get 6 to 7 hours of solid sleep. One of my favorite routines of the day is my nighttime skincare! I LOVE taking off my makeup! No matter how tired I am I can never go to bed without cleansing my face and brushing my teeth.

Anyways, these are just some of the steps I find essentials in making my days as productive as possible.

Lisa Homsy in Greece with a pool breakfast
Taking a break in Greece
Flower bath at the Udaya in Ubud, Bali, is the perfect way to relax after a productive day
Relaxing spa day in Bali
A woman by the pool at a riad in Morocco
Enjoying some down time in Morocco
Watching the sunset in Bermuda from an infinity pool is the perfect way to end a productive day
Relaxing at sunset in Bermuda


It isn’t easy to keep a routine going no matter if I’m at home or traveling. When I’m traveling, I have the excuse of a different schedule every day. When I’m at home, it’s easy to want to just take some down time. However, if I get up and start my day this way, I always get more done.

Looking for more tips about being productive at home? Check out my list of things to do at home here!

I’d love to hear from you. What’s your routine? What are your tips and tricks for having a productive morning routine?

Xx Lisa

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