Dripping in Diamonds | Current (Fragrance) Obsession

There are some perfumes I just can’t get enough of… it’s not just about the smell. I love how once applied, perfume takes on a whole new life and can be a different experience for everyone. The right scent can empower you, make you feel sexy, even evoke certain emotions.

The change in season always peaks my curiosity to explore new fragrances. That’s why I was so excited when Sephora sent me the new VIKTOR&ROLF perfume Magic Liquid Diamonds. Just in time for all the upcoming seasonal parties and holiday gifting. Now we can all discover the meaning of “dripping in diamonds”.

Nowadays with all my travels, perfume really is a luxury for me. It’s definitely not something I wear every day when traveling, but when I’m home I love matching my scent to my mood. Whether I’m traveling or at home, one of my favorite things to do when I first walk into a Sephora is head straight to the perfume. I love exploring my sense of smell and discovering which fragrance is right for me.

I usually give myself a quick spritz and continue my shopping. It’s the best way to let it settle and see if it works with your own pH levels. Plus, if I’m traveling it has you stepping off that flight feeling fresh.

I’ve heard that your olfactory system, which is just a fancy way of saying your “sense of smell,” is the part of your sensory system most closely linked to our emotions and memories. And that is definitely true for me! One wif of a certain scent and it’s like teleporting back to my teenage years, a specific person (or worse, an ex-boyfriend!) haha. Anyone else with me?

Personally, I’m not someone who loves overly floral or sweet fragrances. I typically gravitate towards perfumes combined with vanilla and musk. Liquid Diamonds is a really nice balance of flower bouquet and velvety white musks. These scents combined bring warmth and intimacy to the mix, and who doesn’t need a little extra magic!

If you’re like me and have an idea of what you like but really unsure of which scents work best for you can head to Sephora online and take the free Fragrance finder quiz. It’s super quick (only 6 questions), it will literally take you less than 1 minute to do but help point your nose in the right direction.



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