Best Cafes in Montreal

One of the best coffee shops in Montreal, Maman

Did you know that Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada and the second in North America after New York? Montreal’s restaurant scene is so diverse with menus from literally around the world, with an often added French touch.

If you’re planning your visit you definitely need to make room to sample the menus at some Montreal staples, so make sure you pack your stretchy pants because this city will never let you go hungry! There are so many amazing places to eat in Montreal, but these are the best cafes in Montreal.

Whether you’re visiting Montreal on business, to party or are a local looking to get their fix, you need to know where to find good a good cafe! So I’ve rallied together some of my favourite locals to help give you the lay of the land! Make sure to give them a follow! 😉

Pastel Rita

Written by Lisa Homsy
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Location: 5761 Boulevard St-Laurent

Pastel Rita is a café and wine bar located in Montreal’s Mile-End and the definition of an “Instagram café.” The interior is so colorful, sort of the ’80s meets millennial pink aesthetic. There are so many little corners of this cafe perfect to snag a photo! Don’t forget your camera!

Pastel Rita is one of the best cafes in Montreal.

I initially discovered this spot when looking for a location to shoot a campaign, and these photos generated such a buzz over this place on Instagram! They also have an atelier in the back for a local designer who makes and sells her gorgeous hats in their shop!

I’m a sucker for good coffee, especially espresso with thick crema! Yumm. My usual order is a flat white with coconut or oat milk. It was so good I ordered 2! Don’t miss out on the avocado toast. It sounds basic, but many say it’s the best they’ve ever had!

Pastel Rita is one of my favourite cafes in Montreal. It's 80s meets millennial pink aesthetic.

Café Parvis

Written by Audrey Rivet

Location: 433 Mayor St

Nestled in the heart of the entertainment district, Café Parvis is an enchanting café with a fresh menu to welcome you at any time of the day.

A few years ago Café Parvis expanded and opened a workspace upstairs, making it even easier for young entrepreneurs to have the convenience to work remotely. Kinda perfect right now considering COVID is still restricting many from their offices.

Cafe Parvis is a great cafe in the heart of the entertainment district in Montreal

My favorite café in Montreal is without hesitation Café Parvis. For a professional meeting, a date or just to read a book while enjoying a latte, this place will most surely charm you. Its French-inspired decor is a dream for any content creator/photographer: it was love at first sight as soon as I set foot there. Their menu is also to die for: from pizzas to delicious salads, you can taste the European inspiration behind it.

Cafe Parvis Montreal


Written by Karolina Jez

Location: 4606 Notre-Dame St Ouest

No-fuss, no ego, Cordova is just a place that makes insanely delicious coffee with baristas that literally become friends, not just faces you see daily.

I stroll into Cordova every morning, messy hair, no makeup, (and mask of course) to grab my go-to an iced latte with oat milk (single espresso shot) in the summer and the same but hot in the winter. They also sell Oatly to go in cases – big bonus if you need a fix at home.

Cordova is one of the must try cafes in  Montreal. No-fuss, no ego, just a place that makes insanely delicious coffee.

Their chocolate croissants are a MUST try and Karolina’s top recommendation! They come straight from top bakery Hof Kelsten delivered daily, fresh, and crunchy.

I dare you to find a cooler and kinder barista staff in town.

Interior of Cordova, one of the best coffee shops in Montreal

Karolina is also a really talented photographer, if you’re ever visiting Montreal I’d recommend booking a photo session with her! Check out her photography account and get inspired!

Interior of Cordova, one of the best cafes in Montreal

Livia Matcha

Written by Lisa Homsy
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Located at: 1468 Peel St

Livia Matcha Montreal

Located in the heart of downtown, Livia Matcha bar has been one of my favourites since they opened. The restaurant is small and can fit about 20 people (pre-covid) but in the summers they have an outdoor terrace that can seat another 10 or so.

If you’re a fan of matcha teas, this is the spot! But if you’re not a tea fan, Livia does serve a bunch of other drinks like specialty coffees, smoothies, juices and lemonades. And as of recently they now serve white claw and aperol spritz on the terrace.

One of the reasons why I love Livia so much is their healthy food menu. It’s the perfect lunch date with options like acai bowls, delicious salads, sandwiches, poke bowls and yummy desserts. Some of my favs include the Pad Thai and green papaya bowls and the toasts!!

Their avocado toast is legit and probably what we are all craving. They also have a great PB and banana if you’re looking for a classic.

Livia Montreal Matcha

La Croissanterie Figaro

Written by Katie Cung

Location: 5200 Hutchison St

Ahhh Paris! The City of Light, the City of Love and… the City of Croissants! Would you believe me if I told you this cafe may trick you to thinking you just time travelled to France?

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, La Croissanterie Figaro will give you the impression of being in a pretty little “coin perdu de Paris”!

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, La Croissanterie Figaro will give you the impression of being in a pretty little "coin perdu de Paris"!

I have unconditional love for croissants (especially the flaky ones, just like Lisa 😉) and La Croissanterie Figaro serves the freshest, most authentic, buttery and flaky croissants in town! From their marble bistro tables to their vintage European decor, I instantly feel like I’m transported to a Parisian café when I step into La Croissanterie Figaro. A taste of Paris in Montréal, quoi!


I’m now drooling! After all that, you cannot leave here without a croissant (or two)! If you’re going, dress the part! You’ll likely want a photo here so channel your inner french girl et voila!

Don’t forget to do the Lisa croissant test to rate it’s flaky level. If you’ve been following me for a while you know what’s up! Basically smush the croissant with your finger. The more flake the better!

Would you believe me if I told you this cafe may trick you to thinking you just time travelled to France? La Croissanterie Figaro is one of the best Cafes in Montreal.

Maestro Cafe

Written by Tiffany Lai

Location: 80 Rue Saint- Viateur Ouest

Overlooking the Church of St. Michael and St. Anthony don’t be fooled by the quiet, low-key atmosphere of Maestro Cafe. I’ve been told their chocolate almond croissants is “crunchy and cakey” in the best way possible. It’s the kind of pastry that people should be lining up down the block for. Personally I’m more of a butter or almond croissant lover but with reviews like this how can you not be curious to try?

Cafe Maestro is a no-frills old-school traditional coffee shop. It’s peaceful, but a delightfully warm little spot to visit. Stop by to capture some photos or sit by the window to people watch, with a cup of hot espresso and buttery homemade croissants. A cozy family-owned local spot with their baked goods freshly prepared daily that speak for themselves… it’s truly a hidden gem in Montreal.

Cafe Maestro is a no frills coffee shop in Montreal. Definitely a must visit cafe in Montreal
Maestro cafe is one of the best cafes in the city. Good coffee, great croissants and a cute photo opp!


Written by Lisa Homsy
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Location: 1524 Notre-Dame St Ouest

Maman is one the of best cafes in Montreal with great coffee, amazing food and the cutest photo opp!

Omg this might happen to be the cutest cafe I’ve ever walked into! The decor is really rustic with tons of reclaimed wood and exposed brick and tons of hanging plants.

Maman offers a huge selection of baked goods, specialty coffees, breakfast and lunch options. The menus is made up of hearty farm fresh salads, quiches, sandwiches, and of course pastries and sweets. Their almond croissants give Paris a run for their money! If you’ve followed me for a while you know how seriously I take my croissants!

You can’t leave without trying their nutty chocolate cookie. It’s so good that in 2017 it was named one of ‘Oprah’s favourite things’!

Maman Montreal

Café Ferlucci 

Written by Sarah Babineau

Location: 432 Rue de Castelnau Est

Cafe Ferlucci is a cozy neighbourhood spot with a seasonal terrace offering quality Italian coffee, pastries & sandwiches. The decor is eclectic and unique vintage decorations and VHS. And a screen projects old movie classics every day – how cool!

A family-owned gem in the heart of Villeray. This Italian coffee has the best prices in the city and pretty killer sandwiches too. Those two cousins give so much soul to this neighborhood by being so welcoming to everyone and serving coffee and smiles on the daily. 

@kara_bino shares her recommendation for Best Cafes in Montreal - Cafe Ferlucci
Best Cafes in Montreal - Cafe Ferlucci - @kara_bino

Leaves House Cafe

Written by Ver Sepasi

Location: 2051 Rue de la Montagne

Leaves is one of my favourite, low-key cafes to go to when I’m in downtown Montreal. It’s quiet, the staff is super friendly and helpful, has tons of plants (you can also shop plants and succulents) and the best part, it’s completely vegan! I’m not a vegan, but I really do enjoy trying vegan places whether they be restaurants or cafes and every time I go, I get a little bit more inspired to become more plant-based. Their chai latte and iced hot chocolate with almond milk are my favourite drinks on the menu (I don’t drink coffee), and I never leave without getting some of their cookies. Simply delicious!

Leaves house cafe is a great cafe in Montreal. Order your morning coffee and pick up a new succulent while you're at it.

http://www.versepasi.comVer is also a really talented photographer, and one of the first professional photographers I ever shot with back in 2016. If you’re ever visiting Montreal I’d recommend booking a photo session with her! Check out her portfolio and get inspired!

@versepasi wandering Old Montreal searching for the best Cafes in Montreal

Restaurant Mélisse

Written by Sarah Ostiguy

Location: 719 William St, Montreal

The rustic decor, organic food such supports Quebec farmers and very friendly staff make Mélisse a hot spot for many.

My go-to place in Montreal is Restaurant Mélisse! It’s rarely overcrowded, it’s in a quieter part of the city and the service is always impeccable. My friends rave about the coffee here, but since I’m not a coffee drinker, I opt for their chai latte. It’s definitely the best in town! (Tip: take it with oat milk, it’s delicious!) And as an added bonus, it’s a beautiful spot for cute photos! Enjoy!

Best Cafes in Montreal - Restaurant Mélisse @sarahostiguy has to be on your list
Best Cafes in Montreal - Restaurant Mélisse flatlay


Written by Lisa Homsy
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Location: 32 St-Cuthbert

My go to cafe for delicious cold brew coffee and yummy açai bowls! I love the team at Velish. The space is small but I love the penny tiles and the little nook in the front of the shop.

Velish serves organic cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, cold-brewed coffee, vegetarian soups, salads and wraps. I never miss out on getting an acai bowl in the summers and their soups in the winters!

And if you’re ever looking to try a juice cleanse, theirs is the only one I trust. I’ve done both their 3 and 5 day cleanse. All the juices are so yummy and actually filling!

Velish is my go to in Montreal for old brew coffee and acai bowls.

Melk Bar à Café

Written by Sarah Ostiguy

Location: 908 Rue Saint-Urbain

Their enthusiasm for both their coffee and their baked goods is infectious. They even make doggy treats so that no one feels left out on their morning coffee run. I love that!

Melk also uses Forty-Ninth Parallel beans out of Vancouver which I love! Fun fact when I lived in Vancouver I actually lived on top of one of their coffee shops. That’s when I fell in love with their coffee!

“If you’re looking for a cozy café with a unique vibe, this is the place for you! This place is quite small so it might be packed at times, but worth it for the lattes or you can always grab it to go. My favorite thing to order is an oat milk chai latte which I suggest you pair with any of their daily pastries. It’s perfectly located right next to Old Montreal, so perfect for your visit to that gorgeous part of town! :)” 

Melk bar a cafe is  a must while in Montreal
delicious baked goods at Melk bar a cafe in Montreal

Tommy Cafe

Written by Lisa Homsy
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Location: 200 Notre-Dame St W + 2 other locations

Tommy Cafe Montreal

Tommy is a staple in the Old Port, so much so they just opened up 2 other locations (Tommy Brunch and Tommy Bagel) all within walking distance of each other.

Tommy Cafe is one of those cafes perfect to for entrepreneur & freelances to make their office for the day. The architecture in this space is something I can stare at all day, don’t forget to look up! You’ll feel as though you’re in Europe.

Something unique to order at Tommy is the ‘cronut’, if you’ve never heard of this before picture a croissant and donut colliding – it’s epic!

After checking out my list of the best cafes in Montreal, any other cafes you love and think should be added? Let me know in the comments before and I’ll check them out! I’m always looking for new places to try.

xx Lisa

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