Egypt Packing Guide

Egypt Packing Guide

If you are wondering what to pack for your trip to Egypt, you’ve come to the right place!

Take it from me, a full-time travel blogger, follow these key packing guidelines to prepare you for uncovering Egypt. You will also find an in-depth packing checklist at the bottom, including travel gear and which items to leave at home.

Okay, so let’s get you packed and ready for the Ultimate Egypt Adventure. Yalla Habibi!

What to wear in Egypt: Culture & Etiquette

Egypt is quite progressive in comparison to other middle eastern countries. However, it is still a predominantly muslim country, meaning a mostly conservative dress code in comparison to Western standards. My tour guide reassured me that as a tourist there is no need to follow such a conservative dress code. The country receives so much global tourism that it is not considered insensitive to “dress as you would” in your home country. 

However, I always feel it is important to remain respectful of the local culture. A good practice would be to avoid things like crop tops and short shorts, anything that too revealing. But I was reassured showing your shoulders or showing your knees was fine as a tourist.

Essential items for Egypt 

Keeping in mind hot temperatures and conservative dress code, you’ll want to pack lots of lightweight breathable clothing that can cover you up.



  1. Supergoop Glow Screen SPF 40

Even though you’re dressing more conservatively, you do not want to skip out on sun protection. After all, you are in the desert. I have been using this face sunscreen religiously for 2 years now and have converted so many of my friends. It’s a holy grail in my skincare routine for a healthy glow.

For body, I would recommend this one, it’s a little pricier but it’s a mineral sunscreen (better for the environment) especially if you plan on going to the red sea, it’s reef safe. Plus it smells delicious!

I also love powder sunscreen for during the day. It’s easy to apply over your makeup without ruining it.

2. Scarf / PashminaWhen packing for Egypt a scarf should be #1 on your list. Something that most people don’t think to pack for warm climate is a scarf, but as a female, you will need it. You’ll want to pack a lightweight one like this lightweight linen beach gauze shawl that can also cover your shoulders or head if needed.

3. Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt – I’m a huge fan of an overshirt, it’s part of my everyday wardrobe so naturally I am packing more than one for Egypt. I love how effortless a lightweight linen shirt can look, and really ties together an outfit. Plus it’s an easy throw-on if you need to cover your shoulders. I’d recommend an oversized one like this.

4. Flowy Maxi dresses – this is going to be the hero in your wardrobe, so make sure to pack a few of these. In the Egyptian heat, you’ll want to be comfortable and a breezy maxi is the way to go because it will keep your knees covered. Amazon fashion has tons of great options like these! And see my full Amazon packing essentials for Egypt here!

5. Comfortable Shoes – keep in mind you will be doing A LOT of walking and in the heat your feet will likely swell, so make sure to pack comfortable shoes/ sandals. Converse are always my go-to sneaker because they can easily pair with so much. If you’re looking for a cute sandal, I love these!

6. Packable hat – With endless exploring under the sun you’ll want to protect your scalp from getting burned. Bucket hats are so easy to pack and look great with nearly every outfit, especially if you plan to relax by the Red Sea. Wide-brim hats look amazing in photos, this is my favorite brand.

If you’re scalp burning easily, I highly recommend ordering this SPF scalp spray, many friends have sworn by it on past trips!

8. Refillable Water Bottle – You can’t drink tap water in Egypt so, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy bottled water. But if you want to keep your water cold while sightseeing, you’ll want to bring an insulated bottle. While we are on the topic, another thing not to forget is electrolytes. I’m not kidding the sun will dehydrate you. I pack a bag like this and hand them out to everyone on my group trips to keep everyone’s levels up, and it really works!

9. A power bank – a typical day in Egypt means you’ll be using your phone for endless photos, videos, and navigation to get around. You’ll definitely want a power bank to keep your battery levels up to last all day.

I personally have the Apple MagSafe charger and absolutely love it! It’s magnetic to my phone so no wires are needed and doesn’t add much weight to my phone.

10. Secure Purse or Day Pack – No matter where you travel in the world, an anti-theft bag is a must. Tourists are always a target for pickpocketing, especially with so many distractions at the popular sights. I love this Pack Safe bag which easily converts from a small shoulder bag to a tote in seconds. If you’re more of a backpack kind of person, I recommend a bag where you can securely put your valuables in an inside pocket. This bag is perfect because it opens from the inside. I’m also a huge fan of a fanny pack, I’ve traveled the world with this same one for 4 years in a row. I love wearing it as a crossbody and keeps my goods right where I can see them.

Travel Insurance – Take it from me, someone who has gotten sick and wind up hospitalized in 3 foreign countries, it’s not worth the risk. Now I never leave without good travel insurance. Safety Wing if my insurance of choice as they have a great plan for digital nomads.

Now that you know the most important essentials, here is a full packing list so you can make sure you’ve got everything you need so you can travel worry-free.

Full Egypt Packing List

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Credit cards, bank card, and some cash + $25 USD / EURO for visa on arrival (VOA is cash only)
  • Driver’s License and insurance card if you plan to rent a car
  • A hardcopy of your Travel Insurance
  • Tshirts
  • Base layer tank Tops
  • Lightweight overshirt / Cardigan – to cover shoulders
  • Lightweight sweater/jacket (for at night or early mornings in the desert)
  • Jumpsuits
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Kimonos
  • Pants
  • Leggings
  • Scarf / Pashmina
  • Swimsuits (to enjoy by the pool or if visiting Sharm-El-Sheik)
  • Comfortable shoes / Sandals
  • Compression socks (for travel days)
  • PJs
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen – face & body
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Accessories (jewelry / purse)
  • Hair accessories (headbands, bandanas, elastics, clips, gel)
  • Adapter – Egypt uses the same plugs that are used in many parts of Europe, 2 round prongs.
  • Cash – Egyptian Pound or US Dollar
  • Make-up that can handle the heat – link my Amazon faves.
  • Electronics (camera, chargers, tripod) – peep what’s in my camera bag

To make things even easier I did a roundup of my full Amazon essentials for Egypt! As well as overall travel essentials I never fly without!

Things to leave off your packing list

  • Short shorts & crop tops – we already went over this one but unless you are by the beach or at the pool, these should be avoided out of respect.
  • Drone – as much as we all want to capture epic drone videos, bringing a drone into Egypt is actually illegal so don’t even try. I’ve heard from friends who were traveling with one that they will hold your drone at the airport, on your way out of the country you can pick it up at the same airport.
  • Valuables – Avoid anything that will draw excess attention to you. I know friends I’ve traveled with who do not wear their engagement ring when travelling, or expensive jewelry or flashy designer items.

I hope this helps give you a guideline as to what to pack for discovering Egypt. But before you go, here is everything you need to know before visiting Egypt. From visa’s to safety as a female, you’ll want to give this a read before you go.

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