10 Best Romantic Getaways: Travel Bucket List for Couples

There’s no better feeling that sharing a romantic destination with someone you love. Speaking from personal experience I know that some trips can even reconnect you as a couple and can help you fall even more in love with one another.

If you are looking for romantic getaways to take as a couple or ideas for your travel bucket list for couples, I’m sharing my top 10 travel destinations for couples. Whether you are looking for romance, adventure, relaxation or a party, I’ve got you covered. Some of these regularly make the list of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, but they are also perfect for couples vacations and some might even work for a quick romantic weekend getaway.

Jamaica is one of the best travel destinations for couples



From overwater bungalows to white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the Maldives is arguably THE top honeymoon destinations in the world.

The Maldives allowed us to grow stronger as a couple. I can’t believe how much we’ve laughed together, disconnected and reconnected, created the most incredible memories together.

– @lisahomsy

There isn’t much to do in the Maldives other than lay on the beach, eat, swim, and…connect. It’s true! It really forces you to relax.

Couple on the beach in the Maldives at sunset

It’s a long way to travel if you’re coming from North America, so make the most of it. We enjoyed two full weeks of island hopping in the Maldives and explored five different hotel properties.

In my option, two weeks is even a little long, especially if you are an active couple. It can also get pretty pricey as each hotel occupies its own island, so any extra activities are rented through them.

If you’re looking to plan your romantic vacation you need to read my best islands & resorts in the Maldives blog post for my full itinerary!

Couple recreating The Notebook kiss in the rain in the Maldives
Our own The Notebook moment
Sunset in the Maldives on a romantic couples getaway
Couple relaxing on the beach in the Maldives
Couple kissing at sunset in the Maldives



No matter which island you choose, you can guarantee Greece will be a perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.

We settled on Mykonos which to my surprise wasn’t as much of a party island as I was anticipating. Of course if you’re going there looking for a party, you won’t have to look far. However, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, Mykonos was perfect! And if you want to take a day trip or split your time between islands, Santorini is only a ferry ride away.

Couple at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Follow me to Mykonos
Breakfast in Mykonos

If you are looking to really treat yourself, book a romantic stay at Cavo Tagoo (which they also have a second location in Santorini!) The rooms are spectacular, each complete with their own pool. And the bathtub is more like a jacuzzi for 4!!! Ultimate relaxation with your partner!

If you’re up for a little adventure and wind in your hair, I’d recommend renting a scooter or a 4×4 and cruising around the island. And if you want to indulge in some drinks and good music, head to Scorpios to watch the sun go down.

Couple on the streets of Mykonos
Couple on a couples getaway to Mykonos
Couple relaxing at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands for couples



Notably one of the most visited destinations for honeymooners and similar to the Maldives, you can get the overwater bungalow experience in Bora Bora. Tahiti definitely offers more adventure for couples looking to balance relaxation and adventure (find the best budget options for Tahiti here).

Bora Bora is the most well-known known island in Tahiti, made popular by honeymooners, and it will not disappoint you! If you’re looking for the ultimate overwater bungalow experience, I’d recommend booking the Conrad Bora Bora or the Sofitel. If you’re wanting a more local and unique experience, then I’d stay Villa Rea Hanaa.

If you’re up for an adventure and don’t mind bumping around in the back of a truck, take a 4×4 wheeling trip to the viewpoint. This is the highest point on the island.

Bora Bora is also home to some of the nicest beaches I saw in Tahiti. The sand was like powder, and the water was 50 shades of blue!

If you want to get more of an underwater experience, take a short flight over to Moorea. Moorea is filled with fish, stingrays, blacktip sharks, turtles and so much more. We booked our boat excursion trip with Captain Taina. If you’re spending the night on the island make sure to book dinner at Le Lezard Jaune! It was incredible and locally run.

And no matter which island you choose, make sure to have your fair share of the local dish, Poisson Cru. Similar to poke, but the raw fish is soaked in coconut milk. It’s delicious and some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever eat!

Read all about how you can Afford Tahiti. It’s actually cheaper than you might think!

Swimming with the sting rays in Tahiti
Laying on a black sand beach in Tahiti
Over the water bungalows in Tahiti



Bali is my favourite place on earth. I always wanted to take James to Bali. This island has impacted me so much that I always said he’d understand me better after visiting.

There is so much to do in Bali and so many areas to experience depending on how you want to spend your time. Bali is a perfect blend of beach and jungle as well as relaxation and adventure. It’s whatever you make of it. My recommendation would be to stay and visit for at least 2 weeks (especially if you’re traveling from North America).

Head to Ubud for relaxation, lush jungle, rice terraces, and the Monkey Forest. For the full Bali experience and ultimate romance, book a hotel with a flower bath or a floating breakfast.

Taking a flower bath in Bali at the Udaya

Or drive a little further and spend the night in the magical bamboo houses at Camaya Bali or Hideout Bali. Whatever you do, DON’T leave Ubud without picking up some boho home decor at the local markets. It’s cheaper than getting it back in Seminyak.

If you’re looking for some great music and a few drinks, check out Deus or The Lawn located in Canggu or visit Potato head in Seminyak.

And definitely carve out some time to visit the Gili Islands and/or Nusa Penida for adventure!

If you’re planning you’re trip you’ll want to check out my Best Hotels in Bali as well as my Best Cafes in Bali blog posts. Don’t forget to save them for reference later!

Chasing waterfall in Bali
Eating breakfast in the pool in Bali
Sunset on the beach in Bali
Swing bed in Bali



If you are looking for relaxation, then a couples-only all-inclusive resort is just the thing for you. We visited Jamaica and stayed at Couples Resorts, a hotel property targeted at couples and honeymooners alike.

The hotel is designed for that romantic experience with your significant other; however, I did find it geared to an older crowd. If you want that overwater bungalow experience without having to travel around the world, book a stay at Sandals.

With an all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about searching for a good restaurant in the area or how to spend your time, all the hard thinking is done for you!

If you want to step off the resort for a few hours, head to Rick’s Cafe in Negril for an afternoon of cliff jumping, drinks, and beautiful sunset views.

Couple in Jamaica, a destination that should be on your couples travel bucket list
Couple at a beach hut in Jamaica
Couple in Jamaica
Couple sitting in front of a beach hut in Jamaica



Starting with getting to Hawaii, my favorite airline to fly to the islands is Hawaiian Air. You can feel the vacation buzz as soon as you embark. Plus, who’s going to say no to a welcome Mai Tai? Not I!

While I’ve only ever visited the island of Oahu, Maui is known as a romantic escape for couples. It’s also known for having the best hikes and waterfalls as well as the famous Road to Hana.

If you’re looking for a different kind of beach, Maui has red and black sand beaches due to the volcanic ash. Maui also has some of the best snorkeling and sunsets.

Since I can’t give you my first hand experience, Hawaiian Airline has a page all about their Maui recommendations which is super helpful.

At a luau in Hawaii
Walking down the road in Oahu Hawaii
Balancing on a palm tree on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii
Breakfast on a beach view balcony in Oahu Hawaii



Although I didn’t visit Cappadocia with my partner, you can’t deny the romantic appeal. I could definitely revisit Cappadocia to experience it all over again. I always envisioned getting engaged at sunrise as the hot air balloons fill the sky. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

There are a few well-known Instagrammable hotels to stay at such as the iconic Sultan Cave Suites or Museum Hotel. We chose to stay at Kaykapi Premium Caves which has beautiful views of the city and the fairy chimneys.

If you aren’t too scared of heights make sure to book yourself a hot air balloon ride to experience the view amongst all the other rising balloons at sunrise.

Check out my blog post on the Most Instagrammable spots in Cappadocia!

Watching a hot air balloon sunrise in Cappadocia
Local Cave House hotel pool in Cappadocia
Enjoying a meal in Cappadocia
Visiting a Turkish rug shop in Cappadocia



Cinque Terre is a string of five seaside villages along the Italian Riviera coastline know for its fresh seafood, colorful houses located on the steep cliffside.

Lock in your love at Via dell’Amore. The most famous and romantic stretch of the Cinque Terre coastline. It connects the picturesque villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola and is only about 1 km long.

Young loves wanting to seal their love forever come to Via dell’Amore, write their names on the padlocks, and attach them along the trail. (I wonder if my lock is still there from 2011 when I visited with an old boyfriend?!)

There’s a lot of debate between Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast about which is better. The truth is, I love them both and would recommend both for a romantic seaside vacation. Just beware that in recent years the Amalfi Coast has become one of the biggest hotspots in Italy, mainly due to infamous Instagram photos like this one:



If you love the sun in your face and the wind in your hair, it might be time to take a romantic Calfornia road trip.

California is what you make of it. Here you can experience the laid back Cali vibes or the glamour of Hollywood.

James and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary here, California Dreaming. We chose to stay at the Viceroy Santa Monica as we have friends who live in the area we wanted to visit.

Couple laughing on the beach at sunset in Santa Monica California

If you’re wanting the beach vibes, try Santa Monica or Venice Beach. If you’re wanting to enjoy the outdoors, besides the beaches there are lots of hiking trails like Runyon Canyon or the hike to the top of the Hollywood sign. For more of the Hollywood life, check out the view of the famous sign from Griffith Observatory and drive through Beverly Hills, making a stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

We were supposed to go back in September for their wedding. We had planned to rent a bike and cruise all the way down to Big Sur while we were there.

If you have a week or more, take a road trip through California. You can drive along the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco to check out the Big Sur coastline.

If you want to take some side trips away from the coastline, head to some of the national parks like Joshua Tree, Death Valley, or Yosemite. For a more laid back beach vacation, head south to Laguna Beach.

Couple on the Santa Monica pier at night
Couple kissing on the beach in Santa Monica California



You cannot think about a romantic getaway and not consider Paris. This is the city of love after all.

Walk around hand in hand as you see all the sights. Pack a picnic and sit on the grass underneath the Eiffel Tower and watch the lights sparkle. Spend time walking along the Seine River, sit down at a cafe for a coffee and people watch.

Make your way to Rue de l’Universite too. This quaint street is ideal for viewing the Eiffel Tower and the perfect spot to snag a photo. Here you will see the Eiffel Tower in plain sight.

Any hotel you stay at in Paris will feel romantic, but I personally loved my stay at Hotel Le Monna Lisa & the Sofitel Le Faubourg for their balcony views. If you’re looking for a view of the Champs d’Elysses, check out the insta famous Hotel Splendid Etoile.

I’ve been to Paris many times, always on a girls trip, but it would be something special to experience the city of love with the one you love most. No matter when you go, Paris is always a good time whether you go in spring for the flowers, in summer for the longer days and warmer weather, or in winter to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Paris.

On the streets of Paris
Arc de Triomphe in Paris


So where will your next romantic getaway be? What is on your couple travel bucket list?

xx Lisa

***Since this post, James and I are no longer together. Although many of you follow me on Instagram and are aware I wanted to mention it here for any new readers.


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